About American River Waterscapes

American River Waterscapes focuses on Design, BuildĀ and Maintaining the finest, most natural looking waterscapes. We take pride in our commitment on providing a quality product with focus on designing custom water features for each individual project.

Owner Paul Sunseri’s fascination with lakes, ponds, mountain streams, a love of nature and the outdoors started it all. It was a fascination that would grow over the years and turn into designing and building the most natural waterscapes in the industry since the early 2000’s. Paul and his team at American River waterscapes create a wide variety of water gardens including pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, streams, lakes, and rain water harvesting systems.

Along with creating breathtaking waterscapes, Paul and his team also create beautiful paver driveways, pathways, patio’s, block walls, and outdoor kitchens.

Why American River Waterscapes

American River Waterscapes has always specialized and focused on all types of water features. We have acquired the proper equipment, knowledge and experience to design, construct and maintain beautiful, healthy water features of all shapes and sizes. We understand water feature construction and care, and strive for perfection on each project.

Here's How It Works

Pondless Waterfalls

An underground reservoir is created to store the water needed to run the waterfall. This reservoir generally contains the pump, pump vault, storage blocks and auto fill which are covered by a layer of decorative rocks. The water gets pumped from the reservoir up to a spillway which then starts the waterfall, and flows back down into the reservoir to start the process over again. 

Design process:

Projects both large and small, we love doing them all and we put the same attention and creativity into each one. 

  • We will meet with you to learn about your needs and expectations for your water feature from the size, budget, the style/size of rock, the level of sound of water, etc. 
  • We will then walk the planned construction site and evaluate the layout of the project taking into consideration everything from the viewing area, general layout, soil conditions, underground utilities, etc. 
  • We have extensive experience dealing with varied environments so we can explain different possibilities with what can be done with your given space and budget. We will ensure we give you the best water feature possible for your environment. 
  • We will explain all aspects of the project including layout, filtration, lighting, aquatic plants 
  • We will discuss any timeline restrictions you may have and try to accommodate

Construction Process:

  • Once happy with our proposal we will schedule you according to what works best for both our schedule and yours. 
  • Our team is very aware that we are working at you home and try to work efficiently with very low impact on surrounding landscapes and property. We like to leave the job site in better condition than when we started. 
  • Most smaller ponds and pond free waterfalls are completed in a matter of a few days.